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National Service Scheme (N.S.S.)

The NSS unit of this College has been actively functioning with 100 volunteers under the effective guidance of Sri P. Raja Sekhar, NSS Programme Officer. Throughout the post accreditation period the unit has been actively involved in various social service and community development activities and the committed services of socially conscious volunteers are inspiring the other students.

  • The NSS volunteers take active participation in, Swatch Barat, Clean and Green, Sapling Plantation.
  • The NSS unit conducts Seminars, Lectures, Rallies, and Campaigns on AIDS awareness.
  • Competitions like Essay Writing, Elocution, Poster Painting, and Slogan Writing are conducted on AIDS topics.
  • The NSS unit has been organizing medical camps, blood group identification camps.
  • Free books and food supplements worth Rs.7,000/- were distributed to primary school students in Maheswarapuram and Zamidintakurru and fruits were distributed to residents of Old Age Homes in Gudivada on the occasion of Mother Theresa’s Birthday.
  • The NSS volunteers campaign on social, health and hygiene issues like use of tobacco, alcoholism, drug abuse.
  • The unit contributes in promoting literacy through participation in Adult Literacy and Literacy Rally (Vayojanavidya, Akshara Krishna) programmes.
  • The unit has been assisting the civic authorities through programmes like Pulse Polio and Household Economic Survey.
  • The volunteers play vital role in the Celebration of National Festivals and Important Days.
  • Special camp programmes are organized during Pongal and Dassara Holidays.
  • The unit organized Blood Donation Camps, Dental Camp and a Veterinary Camp in special camps.
  • AIDS awareness speeches were given by eminent doctors under the auspices of NSS Unit.
  • NSS volunteers collected Rs.25000/- for Pulse Polio Programme and the amount was sent to the Rotary Club, Gudivada.
  • NSS volunteers also collected Rs10000/- for Orphan Children and the amount was sent to the Anand Ashram, Gudivada.
  • The unit played an active role in UNITY FOR RUN on Gandhi Jayanthi.

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