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National Cadet Corps (N.C.C.)

Our College has two companies of NCC for Boys and Girls with Captain R. Venkaiah and Major N. Aruna Kumari as ANOs. Both of them received awards for being the best ANOs in the Battalion from the Batallion Commanding Officer and the District Collector, Krishna on different occasions. The strength of Boys Company is 100 and it is 50 in girls wing. The Motto of N.C.C. is Unity and Discipline. The College has an Obstacle Course and a 0.22 firing range.

  • In the post accreditation period five Cadets from our NCC Companies were selected as Sub-Inspectors of Police.
  • Several of our cadets took part in the all India Trekking Camp.
  • Sergeant B. Krishna Kishore participated in the Republic Day Celebrations held at New Delhi on 26-01-2007.
  • National Communal Harmony week was conducted. Flag Day was celebrated.
  • Our Senior Under Officer B Krishna Kishore got the Best N.C.C cadet Award and Silver Medal.
  • Our cadet V Mahesh of I B.Com., bagged the Gold Medal for shooting in the Combined Annual Training Camp (CATC), held at Nuzvid, during the year 2007-08.
  • Our cadets participated in blood donation camps held in the college or outside. They extended their services to the Police Department in the General Elections.
  • 100 cadets donated the blood in the Tiranga Blood donation Camp in association with the Indian Red Cross Society, on 03-02-2009 in memory of the victims of Bombay terrorist attacks.
  • Our cadets participated actively in Red Ribbon Club activities.
  • Several boy cadets attended the Infantry Regular Army Attachment Camps.
  • Our cadets took part in firing practice with 7.62mm Self Loading Rifle (SLR) and 7.62mm Light Machine Gun (LMG).
  • As part of social responsibility our cadets observe National Voters Day; visit old age Homes and distribute food and clothing.
  • More than 35 N.C.C cadets have been employed in A.P. Police Service (Civil and Armed Reserve), regiment employees, one is employed as Air Hostess, one as NCC ANO.
  • The NCC wings also conduct essay writing, elocution and slogan writing competitions on the occasion of National Waters Day on 25-01-2011.
  • Our cadets also received Cadet Welfare Society Scholarships, Sahara Scholarships.
  • 5 N.C.C cadets attended the National Integration Camp (NIC) held at Bhilai Steel City from 01-12-2012 to 12-12-2012.
  • 3 N.C.C cadets attended the Independence Day Celebration camp held at Secunderabad, during the year 2012-13.
  • We observed the Army Flag Day on 07-12-2012 and collected Rs.3000/- and sent the amount to the Director, Sainik Welfare, Hyderabad.
  • Junior Under Officer L. Naveen Babu, attended the Republic Day Celebrations Camp held at New Delhi on 26-01-2014.
  • 5 N.C.C cadets attended the Infantry Regular Army Attachment Camp held at 4/9 G.R., Hyderabad from 19-10-2014 to 02-11-2014.
  • Our N.C.C cadets attended the International Day of Yoga on 21st June 2015 at Machilipatnam.

N.C.C. Results:

  • In the post accreditation period 234 of our Boy Cades passed ‘B’ Certificate Examination while 65 passed ‘C’ certificate examination.
  • 114 of our girl cadets passed the ‘B’ Certificate examination while 57 Cadets passed ‘C’ Certificate examination.
  • Our N.C.C Girls participated in National Integration Camps, All India Trekking Camp, Rock Climbing Training Camp, Para Sailing Camp in our state or in other states.

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